Saturday, November 14, 2009

Just Doin' Some Yard Work

See what I mean, the kid is stuck like glue to David.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

4 years old!

When your birthday is at the end of August and all your other siblings have already celebrated their birthday, the wait for your big day can be painful! Poor Jacob, his birthday finally came.

3 Things you must know about Jacob:

#1 - Orange is his favorite color; for everything!
#2 - Loves tools, fixing things, being a side kick to his dad and/or grandpa.
#3 - Believes super heros are real.

His orange tool cake, made by me :)

Since Diana had just moved into a house with a pool, we enjoyed a summer day in the sun with a pool party!

This is David launching the children across the pool.

A little pose with his friends; Dylan, Jacob, Noah, and Issac.

Chandler and Jacob (He was not told to strick a pose? That was his idea ... the leg up on the pool deck, really?)

"Play hard, Eat big" Jacob's moto



Tools, tools and more tools! What will he fix first?

This one was so exciting he climbed up on the table :)

Donna & James got him the watch that he loves to play with at their house, in hopes that he would stop trying to steal it when we leave. :)

Jacob provides us with so much entertainment! He has a strong personality (like his father).

"I wish everyday could be my birthday!"

First Day of School 2009

The weekend before school started, we moved from our Queen Creek home to a rental in Gilbert. As mom, I was determined to be "settled" before the big day; something David just didn't understand but loving submitted to my insistence that this was the way it "had" to be :)

Lacey, ready and anxious to start 4th grade at a new school.

Noah excited about kindergarten but will a very short attention span; not able to focus on looking at the camera long enough for me to get a good picture! :)
Ahh, 4th grade ... feeling very cool with her new glasses,
certain that the do indeed make her look smarter!

The backpack and lunch box were as exciting as the concept of going to school.
He refused to put his lunch box into his backpack, so excited to have one that he wanted to carry it at all times!

The preparation of the night before.

art of being "ready" for school is having pretty toes, so I pulled out all my nail stuff and gave Lacey a pedicure. Noah sat near by and patiently watched, then eagerly asked if it was his turn when Lacey was finished. :)

Embarrassed that the moment is being captured.
Perhaps he senses that this is gonna come back and haunt him one day...?

Not wanting to be left out, Jacob jumped in the chair and posed for a picture!
(It should be noted that no little boys received nail polish on their toenails!
Their feet were only cleaned, massaged and their toenails trimmed.)

This Is What Terrible 2's Look Like

As summer rolled on at the Kriser home, the birthdays kept coming.
In July, Ammon joyfully began his 2nd year of life!

At this point of the day, the children were more excited than Ammon was about it being his "birthday" - perhaps it was due to been awaken by then screaming HAPPY BIRTHDAY at him.

Once he was awake and realized that this "birthday thing" involved presents, he was much more excited that it was his day.

He anxiously riped open his newspaper wrapped presents :) Taking each one to David for him to show him what it was!

Loves animals and the sounds that they make.


Everyone had a backpack but him and I think it is fair to say he coveted what his brothers and sister had because there were daily arguments over him taking their backpacks.

Let's go! I've got my pack-pack filled with all my birthday surprises!

No big party, just a simple puppy cake and a joyful rendition of Happy Birthday.

From 0-1, Ammon was my baby. When he was born, I was so deeply in love with him. I was thrilled at every opportunity to care for him and be his mommy. I was excited when he would wake up at night to eat, I just loved to love him. I felt like I had more appreciation for the miracle of life then I had ever before! Then when mom was killed, he was literally what kept me going. I couldn't wither away or find a hole to hide in, my baby needed me. Although, I must admit most of my care for him was in "auto mode" it kept me at least going through the motions.
Well, then he turned 1; started walking, talking and practically worshipping his daddy. My baby was mine no more!
During the day he would inquire where his daddy was, then argue with me that he wasn't working .... like I was hiding him or something! If David was home, Ammon was never far away. He loved to lay on his chest and sleep. Mainly, he just loved his daddy! This was effective in wrapping David tightly around is his littlest finger and making him the "favorite."

Noah Turns 5!

Birthdays are much anticipated at our house and for Noah especially!

This boy loves his birthday and the celebrations that come with it.

For WEEKS he would ask me, almost daily, "Mom is today June 19th?"

Since he concept of time doesn't go much past yesterday, today or tomorrow, it was difficult to explain when exactly June 19th would come; so I would just tell him it was far away, in hopes that he would stop obsessing and asking me everyday.

Well he would then go to his hopeful Grandma Krisers' house who would assure him that his birthday wasn't that far away and that it would be here before he knew it! The cycle of asking "when" would then start over ......... Needless to say, when June 19th finally did come, I was excited :)
We celebrated at the "Dollar Theatre" watching Aliens vs Monsters, with counsins and friends.
My Monsters; Jacob & Noah :)
(They resemble their father's side)

The celebrations continued later that evening at Peter Piper Pizza with family and friends.
Here's Ammon, not caring why, just glad to be eating pizza!

Oh the fun that comes from a handful of tokens ....
Cousins, Spencer & Jacob, just going for a drive.

Noah intensely planing Whac Mole, with great hopes to win 50 tickets to buy a .10 cent prize. :)

Time for CAKE!

...... and Presents!!!

Noah is so sweet and joyful. He showed enthusiasm for every gift; small or large. He is so easily pleased. You may notice that every picture is somewhat blurry; that is because he was so excited he never stopped moving so I just kept snapping pictures!

David was certain that 5 yrs old was the ripe old age that a boy should receive his first 22 ... ?! Uhmmm for Noah or for David? You decide ...

Another successful birthday I can check off my - Mom Do List - !
Oh how I love Noah's sweet and tender spirit. Happy Birthday Noah.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Memorial Day

Every year we go camping for Memorial Day. This year we went with my brother, James and his family. David's sister Rebecca and her family. Officer Ben Morris & family. And Braden & Cheri Moore & family. Here are some picture from our weekend.
Ammon & David relaxing in the hammock.
Enjoying the campfire.
My nephew Jay, chopping wood.
Cooper & Ammon, gathering empty bullet shells.
All of the kids LOVED the wagon.
Ammon relaxing in the shade, eating a go-gurt.
There were lots of beautiful butterflies. Noah & Savannah were butterfly hunters all weekend.
Noah's the "King of the Rock"
Ammon SO tired he can barely keep his eyes open
(in his favorite napping place, laying on his daddy's chest)
Seconds later, fast asleep ...
"Mommy! I'm awake, come get me."
David, giving Rebecca & Jacob a quad ride.
Dirty, dirty, dirty
Rain + Dirt = Mud
Mud + Ammon = Hours of dirty FUN
He used it as a slip-n-slide

The face that makes it all worth it :)
Play hard eat big!
Climb Noah, climb

When nature calls ...
Jacob & Ammon showing me their gun sticks
Jay shotting the bow
Jacob's turn ....
"We found a WORM!"
Noah was so excited, ... till Jacob stepped on it!
The kids chasing a lizard ...
Noah proudly showing his catch.

Let the shooting begin .....
Austin & Jacob
Noah covering his ears because it is too loud.
Never too young? .... that's Ammon
And Sweet Little Lacey