Wednesday, August 18, 2010

2009-2010 Year in Review

It appears as though blogging for me is an Annual Event; so without further delay, here is what we have been up to this past year:

{In October, a Fireman, Dragon and a Ninja knocked on our door asking for candy, ... they were so cute we decided to keep them :-}

{ Had a BABY! }
A little GIRL !!!!!!!!!!!!!

{ We Celebrated the birth of Jesus and opened presents from Old St. Nicholas }

{ Played a little Soccer . . . }

(So cute, Jake doing his stretches.)

Run, Run, RUN

[ This was Lacey's 3rd season, playing soccer.
She improved so much this season. It was very exciting watching her play!]


Let's just say Noah's heart wasn't in the game!

This is him "playing" soccer?!?
Huddle Up - GO TEAM!

{ Lacey entered the double digits and turned 10 }

{ She celebrated with friends at the roller skating rink. }
And cake and pizza at home.

{ We avoided the "issue" of Mother's Day by taking the kids to the
WildLife World Zoo}
{ We feed some animals .... }

{Rode the train .....}

{And pet the Sting Rays!}

{ Noah turned 6!}

Hurray! Chuck-E-Cheese ......

{Ammon growed up to "free" years old}

Next year the underwear shot will be way too inappropriate!

It has been a wonderful year watching our children grow and experiencing the true joys of life!

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