Friday, December 12, 2008

Angels Among Us, by Simon Dewey

Have you seen this?
I walked in to Seagull Book today and this picture stopped me in my tracks.
I was frozen as I just stood looking at it.
That's my mommy holding the little baby girl inside of me to soothe my pain.

If not for the $300 price tag, I would have walked out of the store with that picture.
Instead a rationally came home looked it up on the Internet and found a smaller print
with a more feasible price tag and ordered it.
I can't wait to hang this by my bed.
Merry Christmas to me. Thanks honey!
I love the present you don't even know yet that you bought me :)


Krista said...

Hey Angel,
Its Krista Reidhead, I hope you don't mind me finding your blog. I Just wanted you to know you will be in my thoughts and prayers today! I didn't know your Mom, but I know you and you are simply wonderful in so many ways! She did a Great job raising you! Thank you again for your sweet gift you went in on with Cherie, that touched my heart! I wish we got to "hang" more, I think you and you hubby are the funniest people I know! Keep smiling and making people laugh, I hope you have a good day :) and thank you again.

{the hatch family} said...

The picture is beautiful! I hope it comes soon!